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Whilst there are many ways of working with Turkish investors in the UK, these two methods are usually the basis upon which we build our relationship

TIF  can put together and manage 2 to 3 year funds with mid to  long term,  high capital gains properties. Once funded we operate a secure close end fund dedicated to your investment horizon
TIF  will take over all aspects of the investment; acquiring properties, renting them at the best possible rates, and managing them to provide an annual return, along with eventual disposal.
These structures are legally established to mitigate taxes and in some cases reduce taxes to almost zero.

Alternatively, for some Turkish Investors with a longer view, TIF can offer development joint ventures, where investors can buy into a TIF group project. This involves purchasing a property, realizing its full potential, refurbishing, and selling/renting the finished product, along with possible disposal..

TIF presence and UK Market Knowledge

Knowing the market is critical in order to make sound and profitable property investments. TIF uses the services of its own inhouse company SwissTurkishInvestmentResearch.com  combined  with experience in property purchases, tax mitigation and offshore structures TIF has gained an impressive track record of substantial ROI for Turkish investors.